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Farmers' Market, Business Centre, and Village Square

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The former electrical garage is currently under renovation to form an exciting indoor farmers’ market and public market. Conversions of industrial buildings into markets are an opportunity with a comfortable fit, with examples around the world. New glass in the door openings, along with the existing skylights, will provide natural light for the indoor market, while keeping a link with the past.

Adjacent to the market, a community "square" is to be created for summer outdoor markets and for special events in conjunction with the market. The location of this square at the intersection of Avenue A and 19th Street will form an important and attractive gateway into Riversdale, and its design will be integrated with the proposed new Market Walk.

A gateway sign at the square could be incorporated, which will be immediately visible when traveling west from under the Buckwold Bridge.

The old attached building south of the farmers’ market will be renovated and turned into a "Business Centre" which is to include a business incubator component that will bring businesses in at the start up stage, and help them grow to the point that they leave as financially viable, growth-oriented companies that have the capacity to carry market facility costs and hire even more personnel. The impact in Saskatoon will be substantial - additional commercial activity, increased entrepreneurial spirit, and new jobs!

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The Farmer's Market is now located in their new permanent home on River Landing! While the Market Square is being contructed over the summer, the outdoor market will be temporarily held in the empty lot immediately west of the building.

Last updated November 23, 2012

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