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A.L Cole Pumphouse

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The A.L. Cole Pumphouse has been renovated to highlight its unique industrial history and provide for future commercial opportunities. Work completed includes the removal of some equipment, repairs to the exterior brickwork, replacement of windows, provision of heat and electrical services and interior coatings. The renovation work has been undertaken to celebrate the heritage aspects and interpretive opportunities of this building and site while providing usable tenant space for future commercial activity on the waterfront.

The planning context for adaptive re-use of the Pumphouse is provided by the South Downtown Concept Plan (2004). Key principles of this plan, with particular relevance to the Pumphouse, include:

  • support and strengthen Downtown and Riversdale and their relationships to the Riverfront
  • create a distinct identity and sense of place
  • design to be a destination
  • design for development viability
  • remember the past and plan for the future
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More recently and specifically, the River Landing Phase 2 Riverfront Master Plan (2006) acknowledges the importance and potential of the Pumphouse as a major focus along the Riverfront. This design study explores this potential to highlight the historic and interpretive value of this resource, balanced with commercial opportunity

As the last surviving remnant of the Saskatoon Powerplant, and the only historic building remaining within the River Landing project area, the Pumphouse has unique and considerable potential as a destination.

The Pumphouse is planned to be leased through a public tender in the future.

This design report outlines the architectural, landscape, commercial and interpretive goals, opportunities and recommendations in an effort to create the foundation for a destination that is commercially successful, honours the building’s heritage, and provides a unique setting for interpretation. Exploration of commercial and retail functions, while also identifying heritage aspects of the building that define its uniqueness and increase its value, were guiding principles. The building must be publicly accessible, made larger if necessary, and would become a major experience for River Landing visitors.

Site, building, heritage and commercial opportunities and constraints form the basis for concept planning. Among the various possibilities explored, two clear options emerged. In each of these options, the vision is the same: the Pumphouse will be a destination that offers a unique combination of historic interpretation and commercial activity, while allowing visitors to enjoy views of the South Saskatchewan River

Last updated May 2015


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